Ms. Evans

Originally from Valley Stream (Long Island), New York, Ms. Evans earned her BA in Psychology from Adelphi University and (after a bit of soul searching) found herself working as a corporate manager and trainer in a large company. Years later, she seized an opportunity for change and returned to school for her MS in Earth Science and Education (at Long Island University). She taught Earth Science, Marine Biology and Astronomy in New York, and ultimately migrated south (with her two puppies, Delilah and Olivine) to a small city in Virginia. Ms. Evans discovered her niche teaching Earth Science to ninth graders in Virginia, and throughout her tenure, also cherished her role acting as class sponsor.

After ten years, Ms. Evans' small extended family (having established themselves in the Charlotte area) convinced her to move further south. She and her fiancé purchased a house in close proximity to family, and have spent this entire HOT summer transitioning from Virginia to North Carolina. Although she is sure to be unpacking boxes and organizing until next June, she is happily settling in to her new home, and is excited to be starting anew.

Ms. Evans enjoys spending time with her sweet old dogs (now almost 16 and 11!) and her family, especially her niece (4) and nephew (7). Living in Charlotte has allowed her to indulge in her favorite pastimes: swimming, lounging poolside with good books, playing with Legos (Minecraft, primarily), and learning endless and amazing facts about dinosaurs, lizards and frogs. Nighttime frog hunts have become regular events (no worries, frogs are always safely returned to their families).

Ms. Evans is thrilled about meeting and working with everyone at South Meck, particularly her students!